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Nathan Beaulieu refuses an interview with Arpon Basu
Nathan Beaulieu was supposed to become an excellent NHL defenseman. After several moves around the NHL, he decided to move to Europe this year to continue his field hockey career in peace.

Although Quebec journalists didn’t go easy on him, he never really helped himself during his time in Montreal to become a fan favorite.

His lack of consistent effort, defensive shortcomings and work ethic didn’t mix well, so he was traded in the summer of 2017 to the Buffalo Sabres for a third-round pick.

Just over two months ago, news broke that Nate The Great had signed with EHC Kloten in Switzerland.

Interestingly, this is also the same club David Reinbacher plays for.

Now, the two defensemen drafted by the Montreal Canadiens form a defensive pair with Kloten, in a club where victories are few and far between.

Arpon Basu, renowned journalist for The Athletic, is currently in Switzerland to see David Reinbacher in person.

In the process, he tried to get an interview with Beaulieu, who declined.

This is what Arpon Basu mentioned on his podcast The Basu and Godin Notebook.

At 1 hour 10 minutes and 45 seconds into the episode, Basu tells this anecdote with Beaulieu.

Basu asked the PR person if he could ask Beaulieu for an interview after practice.

“I got a text from PR, and they said they asked Beaulieu if he could do an interview. He didn’t want to and left afterwards.” – Arpon Basu

Nathan Beaulieu must have bad memories of media coverage when he was in Montreal, and knowing that Basu covers the Habs, he simply declined.

He definitely didn’t want anything to do with Montreal media coverage.

EHC Kloten’s #92 picked up two assists in 13 games this season with EHC Kloten. While he can bring a lot to a club with his physicality and skating skills, his defensive shortcomings and work ethic clearly don’t help David Reinbacher have a good time with a struggling club.

Even so, the 5th overall pick in the last draft is playing very well, according to Basu in this episode of The Basu and Godin Notebook.

I invite you to listen to the entire episode, which covers a number of interesting topics.

In a row

– It’s about to happen.

– Serves him right. He has 10 points in 14 ECHL games.

– I probably would have reacted the same way.

– Very impressive.

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