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Cutter Gauthier warned us it wouldn’t go well with the Flyers
Last week, there was a lot of talk about Cutter Gauthier. The fact that the prospect was traded from the Flyers to the Ducks caused quite a stir due to the circumstances.

It’s one thing to want to be traded. It’s quite another to flatly refuse to talk to the team that owns his rights and demand a trade without explaining anything to Daniel Brière’s Flyers.

That’s what angered a lot of people in this case.

But here’s another element that could create dissatisfaction: Cutter Gauthier didn’t just ask to be traded in general. He had a long list of clubs he didn’t want to go to.

Academics have more rights than CHL players, since NCAA guys become free agents if they don’t sign. In Canadian junior, prospects go back to the draft.

And with Gauthier, it seemed to work. After all, he had the equivalent of a no-trade clause as big as he wanted, since he has the power to say yes or no to an entry-level contract.

On this subject, journalist Renaud Lavoie mentioned, in a text on the subject, that Gauthier would have refused to sign with a Canadian team. The Canadiens would therefore have been unable to get hold of him and sign him if they had wanted to.

Of course, it’s important to remember that Gauthier was offered to the Habs in the last draft. The #5 pick, which led to the drafting of David Reinbacher, was asked in exchange for Gauthier.

The Canadiens said no.

I don’t know if Kent Hughes knew at the time that Gauthier wouldn’t have agreed to sign in Canada. After all, it was in the last few weeks that the Gauthier clan, via their representative, contacted teams to tell them he would agree to play for them.

As a result, Daniel Brière’s number started ringing off the hook. In the end, he liked the offer of Jamie Drysdale and a second choice for the polarizing prospect.

It’s also worth noting, according to Renaud Lavoie, that several teams weren’t really interested in his services. Why not? Because several clubs felt he was out too early (fifth overall) in 2022.

And it has to be said that his attitude held some clubs back too.

Kent Hughes, when you think about it, did the right thing by not trading a right-handed defenseman (premium position) who came fifth overall in a strong draft for a winger who came fifth overall in a weaker draft.

And since the Habs also rely on the good attitude of their players, let’s just say that Gauthier wasn’t the right bet for the Habs.

In gusto

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