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The Laval Rocket currently ranks 4th in its division
At the start of the season, we all expected the Montreal Canadiens to miss the playoffs, but still have a great development season.

We wanted to see some progress compared to the last two seasons, while again being prepared to see the club miss the playoffs.

In the end, we consoled ourselves with the thought that at least we’d have a whole club to follow in Laval this season, considering all the fine young players who were going to be part of the team.

We couldn’t wait to see them all in action, developing a great chemistry with the Rocket and eventually becoming part of the Montreal Canadiens’ NHL future.

However, things didn’t go as planned in Laval.

While we were expecting a dominant club that would make the playoffs with ease and put on a show every game, we were treated to a horrible start to the season, with the Rocket probably the worst team in the AHL.

It was hard to see the club performing so poorly, and we began to fear for the development of the club’s various young players.

We want the youngsters to develop in victory too, not just in defeat and in a depressive environment.

So it was a rather alarming situation in Laval, which was frightening for the future.

We were really questioning Jean-François Houle’s place as head coach.

Fortunately, the team has bounced back in a big way.

After a horrible start to the season, the club is now fourth in its division, the North Division.


After weeks of warming the seventh and final spot, the Rocket now find themselves right in the thick of the playoff race.

Remember that the top five teams in the division qualify for the spring tournament.

It’s quite a turnaround in the Rocket’s season, something we couldn’t have imagined just a few weeks ago when every game was virtually a guaranteed loss.

In fact, Arber Xhekaj’s dismissal from Laval coincided with the start of a better sequence for the Rocket. Xhekaj has established himself as a leader in Laval and is clearly helping the team win big games.

The pairing he forms with Logan Mailloux has played a big part in the Rocket’s recent success.

Laval has won eight of its last ten games, including two victories this weekend over the Manitoba Moose.

Yesterday afternoon, the Rocket won a very fine game in front of their fans by a score of 4-1.

Lias Andersson’s recent return to action is really helping the Rocket.

In short, despite the many long-term injuries, Jean-François Houle’s troupe is hanging in there and getting their season back on track.

That’s great news for both the club and the fans.

The playoff race will be exciting to follow, and let’s hope the club goes the distance if it qualifies.

Let’s hope Joshua Roy’s recall to Montreal doesn’t hurt too much.

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