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Logan Mailloux at the All-Star Game: ” On s’en fout ” – Snake Boisvert
Logan Mailloux is having an excellent season in Laval.

He’s scoring, playing well defensively and trying things worthy of a guy with confidence.

His fine season was rewarded. He’s been invited to the AHL All-Star Game.

That’s quite an accomplishment for a guy who’s come a long, long way. I’m not going to explain why that’s the case.

Today, as a guest on Tony Marinaro’s podcast, Simon the Snake Boisvert wanted to play grumpy. Personally, he doesn’t give a damn about Mailloux’s participation in the All-Star Game.

If you didn’t want to be on the podcast, you could have refused Tony’s invitation, Simon…

Boisvert has never been a big fan of Mailloux and according to him, an invitation to the All-Star festivities is not impressive, because the league chooses players based on the positions they play and not on the players’ talent.

No comment. – Simon Boisvert

No comment? You’re on a podcast, the least you can do is explain your point of view, right?

In any case, Marinaro didn’t appreciate this lack of comment or his guest’s opinion. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind.

It’s not worth it for you, because it goes against everything you’ve said. – Tony Marinaro

Last May, the Snake said the Habs prospect isn’t as good as people think, and a few months later, he gave him a grade of “B” only.

22 points in 35 professional games at the age of 20 is very impressive. Yes, the fact that he was invited to the All-Star Game is something to celebrate. And so far, he’s proving that he’s much more than a “B” prospect.

In Brief

– Listen now.

– I hope this is a joke.

– Interesting.

– Texans crush Browns.

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