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Minnesota native Bobby Brink left out in front of friends and family
For those of you not interested in the Rocket game tonight, I suggest you tune in to the Wild-Flyers game on TVA Sports.

Why would I do that? Because Marc-André Fleury will be in front of the Wild cage. With a win, the Quebecer would surpass Patrick Roy in the NHL’s all-time wins list. The two goalkeepers currently stand at 551 victories.

Martin Brodeur is still a long way off with 691 victories.

And if for some reason you wanted to see Bobby Brink play, change your plans: he won’t be there.

Even though he’s a Minnesota native, he’ll be left out in front of family and friends. Classic Torts.

And there are plenty of people at Mass to support him.

The controversial coach explained himself, and as much as we don’t like him, he’s right. This is the NHL, and if a player falls on hard times, he won’t be rewarded. This is even truer when the player in question hasn’t yet established himself and is only 22 years old.

Tortorella stressed that he can’t always watch when a certain player’s parents are in the stands.

This is one of the aspects of the game that youngsters have to get through. – John Tortorella

Torts would have liked his parents to see him play, but that’s the way it turned out, unfortunately. In 36 games this season, Brink has collected 18 points.

In his last five games, the young forward hasn’t collected a point, which may explain the coach ‘s decision to leave him out.

Perhaps the coach’s official explanation is wrong and this is the real reason for his presence in the stands, hehe :

In bursts

– He’s continuing his excellent season.

– I confess.

– A good player.

– To be continued.

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