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Corey Perry in Toronto: a mutual interest

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Corey Perry in Toronto: a mutual interest

In the last few days, we’ve learned that Corey Perry may well return to the NHL.

He may be held back by pressure from the Players’ Association to take steps to get the Blackhawks to pay him what he’s owed, but if not, he can sign.

The question, of course, is whether a club will want to sign him.

The problem isn’t the price, since I don’t think the veteran will be able to get the leverage to go to the bank. We also know that he’s a leader (we think, at least) and can produce a bit.

But if the Hawks chose to cut him for unacceptable behavior, does that mean other teams should take it as a message? That remains to be seen.

Note that the habs name doesn’t make sense under the circumstances.

But now, according to Carlo Colaiacovo, who played in the show and now works in the media (TSN), there is mutual interest between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Ontarian.

As of today, the Maple Leafs have no space under the mass. They have $57M invested on 13 forwards – plus Ryan Reaves, who is on the injured list right now.

The club has forwards in the Perry mold. The club has defensive needs. So, obviously, the idea of going for a Perry may not be the most logical of the lot.

And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that Perry, who will be questioned about his actions for weeks to come if he returns to the NHL, would be going to one of the NHL’s biggest markets.

That said, having an interest costs nothing.

If that happens, there will be an air of “Evander Kane in Edmonton” about it. In both cases, two clubs in the same mold (offensive teams) would bring home a controversial man for the playoffs.

Remember, Kane’s season in Edmonton ended well.

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