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Wheelchair : Daniel Brière isn’t afraid to talk about his son’s gesture

We all remember the story of Carson Brière, don’t we?

For those who need a refresher, Daniel Brière’s son decided to throw an (empty) wheelchair down the stairs of a bar. This happened around the time his father inherited the Flyers’ GM position.

Brière (the son) was then expelled by his university.

Since last year, this story has followed Daniel Brière’s son. He has to live with the judgment of others for his actions, which have caused quite a stir. He can’t hide.

Daniel Brière, interviewed by Jean-François Chaumont, wasn’t afraid to answer questions on the subject.

I can talk about this subject.

We all make mistakes in life. I’m someone who believes in the principle of second chances. But you have to want to improve and get back on your feet. – Daniel Brière

The Flyers GM also added that his son had achieved a lot, and that he was angry about it. He certainly wasn’t going to say otherwise, but it’s good to see the GM talking openly about it.

He also says that his son didn’t try to play the “son of Daniel Brière” card to get by.

But inevitably, this prompted Carson Brière to go into exile for a while. He decided to play hockey in Europe. He started his season in Slovakia and is now in France. And he’s taking the opportunity to get his French out.

Exile became necessary.

It was very dark in front of him.

He couldn’t see a way out. He needed to navigate through it all. – Daniel Brière on his son after the wheelchair story

With a gesture like his, I’m sure that learning that Carson Brière had to go into self-imposed exile to get ahead won’t necessarily make you cry too much. His sympathy capital isn’t at its highest, let’s say.

But the fact remains that Daniel Brière is right: even if the gesture was horrible, Carson Brière deserves a second chance… without forgetting what he did.

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