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“Fearful, not involved, no retreat”, Martin Lemay takes aim at Caufield

Let’s be honest.

Cole Caufield isn’t having the offensive season he’d hoped for. The Canadiens forward has 27 points in 40 games… But it’s his 11 goals scored so far this season that’s worrisome.

It was one of the topics on Martin Lemay’s show today… And let’s just say that the host of Le Retour des Sportifs on BPM Sports didn’t mince his words when talking about #22.

He poured his heart out about the young man’s involvement:

Fearful, not involved, no retreat… And he’s dragging Nick Suzuki down […] Caufield, he’s a ball and chain for Nick Suzuki right now. A liability. – Martin Lemay

Martin Lemay argues that the Habs would have a much better trio with Sean Monahan on the first line, along with Suzuki and Slafkovsky :

It’s raw, but Martin Lemay makes a good point.

Cole Caufield isn’t playing up to expectations right now and he needs to give more. He signed a big contract this summer and has a responsibility to produce offensively.

Some will say that it’s just a bad patch and that’s not the way to judge a player’s talent, and that’s entirely true.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t recognize the sniper’s setbacks, because his job is to score goals, and that’s not what he’s been doing all season.

It’s going to take a spark somewhere… But we can also wonder whether the shoulder operation he underwent is still bothering him. His shots are less accurate, he takes poor quality shots at net and he’s afraid to go into traffic.

The trend needs to change, that’s for sure.

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