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David Reinbacher: There are signs that EHC Kloten are preparing to leave
When will we see David Reinbacher wearing a Canadiens or Rocket jersey?

That’s a good question, because there seem to be indications that he may be leaving his team in Switzerland sooner than we think.

In fact, EHC Kloten has awarded a contract to young right-handed defenseman Dario Sidler… so that at the moment, there are several healthy defensemen on the team’s roster.

Marco D’Amico (Montreal Hockey Now) wondered whether EHC Kloten is preparing for Reinbacher’s eventual departure, an idea that makes sense when you take a step back to assess the situation.

At least, it’s an important clue. Especially as Sidler is only 20 years old:

The Canadiens have decided to send David Reinbacher back to Europe to fine-tune his development.

Basically, the idea made sense because the young defender was going to have a big role with EHC Kloten. Everyone felt that he would be able to improve because he was going to have a lot of playing time and important responsibilities.

But the club has only won 11 of its first 36 games of the season, and not a single player is performing well. It’s worth remembering that the team changed coach after a difficult start to the season… But since Larry Mitchell replaced Gerry Fleming behind the bench (on an interim basis), the club has won just one of its last ten games and has scored just six goals in its last five matches.

All this to say that, at the moment, David Reinbacher isn’t in the best situation. He’s not in a place where he can shine, and the Habs management is certainly aware of this.

It’s his development that’s important, after all.

Note that the Habs would be entitled to bring him back to North America because Reinbacher was drafted in the first round and has already signed his NHL entry-level contract.

And that’s where it gets interesting… Why?

Because right now, there’s a glaring lack of depth on the right side of defense in the Habs organization. Remember that Gustav Lindström has been called up for waivers by the Anaheim Ducks and Brady Keeper will be sidelined for three months, which hurts the Habs and their club-school.

Bringing Reinbacher to Laval could solve that problem… But above all, bringing Reinbacher to Laval when the Rocket are in the thick of the playoff race can only be good for the young man.

He’d gain experience on North American rinks in preparation for next season, and he’d have the opportunity to play for a club with high expectations, which clearly helps motivate a young player.

Again, at the end of the day… The Habs have to make a decision to help him improve. And right now, with the circumstances at EHC Kloten, it’s not ideal for a 19-year-old.

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