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Canadiens send Emil Heineman back to Laval

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Canadiens send Emil Heineman back to Laval

In their uninspiring defeat earlier this evening, the Canadiens could count on the return of Rafaël Harvey-Pinard. In the process, Emil Heineman was the one who was scratched, as the club’s young hope found himself in the stands.

Some wondered whether a return to Laval was in order to get him some games, but Gustav Lindström’s departure seemed to indicate that the Habs wanted to give Heineman a little more time in the NHL.

However, it seems that this was short-lived: the Habs have just announced that the young forward has been sent back to the Rocket.

He’ll be coming to help the club, which is struggling with an epidemic of major injuries. But more importantly, he’ll be playing games, which is important for his development.

More details to come…

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