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André Roy: “I would bring Corey Perry to Montreal”.
A big piece of news appeared last night on various social platforms.

We learned from Elliotte Friedman that Corey Perry has met with Gary Bettman and can now agree to terms with a new team.

This means that the veteran is now free as a bird and has the right to come to an agreement with any NHL team.

We all agree that he won’t be back in Chicago, but he could find a buyer pretty quickly because there’s interest in him.

That’s what Elliotte Friedman reported on Jeff Marek’s podcast:

Where will he finish the season?

Obviously, no one can answer that question right now. It would be logical to see the veteran sign a contract with a Stanley Cup contender, given his wealth of experience.

He brings a lot to the room and to the rink. That’s what made him such an important player for the Habs on their way to the Stanley Cup Final in the summer of 2021, and it’s the same in Tampa Bay.

This is one of the reasons why André Roy would like to see him back in a Tricolore uniform. The former NHL brawler believes Perry has what it takes to help the club right now:

Pick up the phone, call Corey Perry’s agent and offer him a contract. You bring in a good veteran, a guy who’s good on the ice… I’m telling you! I’d bring Perry to Montreal. – André Roy

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The Habs are still fighting for a playoff spot, and adding a guy like Corey Perry could help calibrate some things on and off the ice.

It’s also true that he has the tools to help the youngsters, and we know how many there are in Montreal right now. The presence of a player with the mentality to give his all night after night is interesting for any team in the National League, and Perry’s philosophy also fits in with that of Martin St-Louis.

On paper, at least, the idea makes sense. Corey Perry was a much-loved player in town, and I firmly believe that fans would be happy to see him return to Montreal. And there seems to be a part of me that would like to see Perry on the bench giving advice to Juraj Slafkovsky and the other young players on the team.

But from the player’s point of view, I don’t see why he’d be interested.

Kent Hughes isn’t going to offer him a lot of money, and if he’s going to sign a cheap contract, he might as well sign with a club that has a chance of winning the Stanley Cup.

And I don’t see the Montreal GM offering another contract to a player when we know that the youngsters are coming. Let’s not forget that the Habs are 45 contracts shy of their limit of 50, and that David Reinbacher, Lane Hutson, Adam Engström and Luke Tuch could end the season in Montreal or Laval.

Kent Hughes would be more limited than anything else in terms of his contract limit.

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