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Series in 2024-2025: « C’est sûr que ça va être l’objectif en début de saison » – Kent Hughes
Last night was Cutter Gauthier night. No doubt about it.

Seeing the top prospect traded because he didn’t want to be in Philly didn’t exactly give him any sympathy capital in the eyes of Philly fans, let’s say.

And with good reason.

But between all that, let’s not forget that Kent Hughes was in the Antechamber. The Canadiens’ GM gave a lengthy interview to Luc Bellemare and his team.

Last night on the site, we talked about the fact that the Habs’ GM mentioned wanting to trade a goalie before the trade deadline. That said, there’s something else rather interesting to remember.

What’s that? The 2025 series.

Hughes was asked when we’ll be able to talk about the “P-word” at the Habs: in a year, in two years or in three years. The GM, under the guidance of P.J. Stock, said one year from now.

I’m not worried about that, since it was clear that the GM wasn’t going to say that the playoffs were going to be impossible to achieve at the next training camp, which will set the table for the 2025 playoffs. Agreed.

What interests me, though, is what he said afterwards. Why do I care? Because those weren’t words that were put into his mouth.

Next year in the sense that (…) that’s definitely going to be the objective at the start of the season. – Kent Hughes

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that the Habs will be Cup favorites, as the GM said. But what it does mean is that the Habs will be raising the bar.

It’s worth noting that, during the interview, we sensed the GM was ready to take things to the next level. Why do I say that? Because he mentioned that his past as an agent helps him understand that guys are happy when they have a chance to win.

I sensed the DG was ready to try and win more. And anyway, that’s the plan, to start winning at some point…

So next year, at the Habs golf tournament, don’t expect the Habs to say that a playoff-less season would be a failure, but don’t expect Jeff Gorton to be afraid to say the P-word.

Tony Marinaro would agree.

Obviously, this means that the Habs will have to move a bit, in order to turn their assets (young players, draft picks, etc.) into players who can help out in the NHL right away.

And the GM knows it.

The ball is in his hands to go out and get more Kirby Dach and Alex Newhook… and to keep his club as healthy as possible, in order to help himself a little.

In gusto

– The Habs will train at 10:30 a.m.

– Jayden Struble surprised Kent Hughes.

– Florian Xhekaj traded?

– Ironic.

– Now that’s extremely funny – and cliched.

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