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David Savard is back in training

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David Savard is back in training
Yesterday, the Canadiens announced that David Savard had been forced to miss training to undergo treatment. On the face of it, this is nothing out of the ordinary, as it happens all the time.

But still: we were anxious to find out if the veteran defenseman would be able to train today, as the Habs head to Cutter Gauthier’s kingdom in Philadelphia.

And yes, the Quebecer was on the ice on the sidelines.

Such a conclusion was to be expected, since that’s normally how it works: a player takes a day here and there and then comes back strong.

That said, with the Habs in recent years, we’ve sometimes seen seemingly minor injuries become major ones. So it’s normal to wonder a bit more, isn’t it?

Before practice, Cole Caufield jumped on the ice with Adam Nicholas. The American took the opportunity to practice his shot while he had the rink to himself.

Again: nothing unusual, but interesting nonetheless.

Details to come…

In burst

– Why is this happening?

– A theory that makes sense… or not.

– Ah well.

– Really?

– Hum…

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