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Training: a day of treatments for David Savard
This morning, the Canadiens took to the ice at the CN Complex in Brossard to start preparing for their week.

This week, the Canadiens will play in Philadelphia (Wednesday) before returning to their fans for games on Thursday (Sharks) and Saturday (Oilers).

What should we remember from training?

1. First of all, David Savard had a day of treatments. The defenseman was therefore absent from practice, as announced by the Canadiens at the start of training.

For a veteran like Savard, this is probably nothing out of the ordinary… but it’s something to keep an eye on.

2. Rafaël Harvey-Pinard hasn’t played since November 14. He’s been injured… but recently, we’ve seen him skating solo, but also with others. On Saturday, he was at training wearing a regular sweater.

And today, it’s the same thing. So we’re starting to seriously wonder whether he’ll be able to play in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

3. If Rafaël Harvey-Pinard’s potential return to action is the talk of the town, it’s safe to assume that forward Emil Heineman, who was urgently recalled last week, is living on borrowed time.

This morning, at any rate, he arrived early on the ice with Jesse Ylönen and the three goalies.

4. Speaking of the goalies, all three rotated. That’s nothing unusual with three men in place, but it’s still something to note.

Good thing there’s more than one rink…


Note that the Habs won’t be traveling today since there’s no game tomorrow. It’s becoming increasingly rare for the Habs to play on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday, as used to be the custom.

Do you expect to see the Habs flying tomorrow… with only two goalies? Watch this space.

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