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Carrying three goalies: Pierre LeBrun wants to make it easier

The goalkeeping issue is always a hot topic in Montreal. Whether in the short term or in terms of the overall picture, it’s a subject that comes up time and time again.

In the short term, it’s a question of who will be on duty every game.

For example, this week, the Habs have an overnight trip to Philadelphia on the menu. This opens the door to even more speculation, because the Habs can afford to leave a goalie in Montreal to rest.

Personally, I’d send Casey DeSmith Cayden Primeau to Philly on Wednesday and keep Jake Allen in Montreal to rest him for Thursday’s visit of the Sharks. Finally, Samuel Montembeault would be my man Saturday against the Oilers.

Unless Kent Hughes wants to put one of his other two goalies in the window against Edmonton…

Anyway. All this to say that the situation is the talk of the town. And it will continue to do so until the Habs get their price on one of their masked men.

We know that Kent Hughes has his price, and he’s not willing to budge. And on TSN 690 this morning, Brandon Wilde mentioned that realistically, Allen or Primeau could fetch a second-round or even first-round pick. Wow.

Wilde mentioned that, in his opinion, the Maple Leafs told Elliotte Friedman they were willing to pay only a late-round draft pick for the services of a goaltender to affect public opinion.

So when they talk publicly about a first-round pick, it sounds crazy, which doesn’t help the cause of sellers in the market.

The journalist added, again on TSN 690 with Conor McKenna and Shaun Starr, that he believes Kent Hughes is brilliant enough to get a big price and keep him for as long as it takes.

That’s how he negotiates.

Wilde says the Habs don’t need a late draft pick who won’t break through, and don’t necessarily need a mid-draft pick either, since the Habs have plenty of mid-draft prospects.

All well and good… on paper. Right now, though, Jake Allen isn’t playing like a goalie worth a first-round pick. I mentioned this on Friday morning, following Thursday’s game.

Playing him against the Sharks could help him look good… or regain his confidence, at least.

We’ll see how the market shapes up, but if the Habs really hope to get a first-round pick for one of their goalies (who isn’t Montembeault), that’s… quite a price. Because Primeau isn’t worth that either, in my eyes.

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