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Brendan Gallagher: no goals since November 11

Brendan Gallagher is not having a great season, let’s face it. He’s just come off a 24-game stretch without finding the back of the net, aside from his goal against the Rangers.

In 39 games this season (yes, he manages to stay healthy), Gally has just six goals. He also has seven assists, for a total of 13 points. He has a point every three games.

Obviously, we’re not going to compare that to the other guys who make $6.5 million a year in the league. The debate has already been launched many times, and we know that the forward isn’t the best value in the league.

But the fact remains that, even if we know he can’t necessarily give any more, six goals isn’t much.

Because he’s Brendan Gallagher, and because he’s given his body to the Habs since 2013, there seems to be an aura around him. And that’s what Renaud Lavoie said this morning on BPM Sports when he said that, apart from the morning of the game against the Rangers, Gally hasn’t been asked about his scoreless streak.

Josh Anderson must be jealous.

What’s also striking is his -18 record. A player’s differential doesn’t tell the whole story, but when a player has the worst differential (by far) on his club, it’s an important fact.

(Credit: Hockey DB)

But is everything negative in his case? Not necessarily.

According to Renaud Lavoie, Gally is among the NHL’s elite when it comes to quality scoring chances. He’s provoked a number of them for the Habs since the start of the season.

Sean Monahan leads the Habs this season in quality scoring chances with 60. He sits 24th in the NHL in that department, which isn’t bad at all.

And Gallagher? He’s 25th in the NHL with 59. Which is just as good as saying he’s among the elite.

Renaud Lavoie, who finds the player dangerous on the ice lately, also mentions that Gally leads the Habs (+18) in team scoring chances. This takes into account the times he’s on the ice when it happens for the Habs or the other team.

Logically, this isn’t all that surprising when you consider Gallagher’s style of play. He plays the pedal to the metal and goes into traffic, which gives him quality chances.

But even if you can make the numbers say whatever you want, the fact remains that the eye test is just as important. And Gilbert Delorme sums it up well: even if he has his chances, he doesn’t take advantage of them. Add to that his defensive errors, and you have a player who needs to give more.

If he can’t score when he has chances, what’s going to happen when he doesn’t? Will he magically score more? I don’t think so…

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