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Samuel Montembeault, his Trois-Rivières home and comments on the Lions

In June 2022, Samuel Montembeault and his girlfriend moved into a beautiful Trois-Rivières home.

When the move was shared publicly, people made (unnecessary) links to his proximity to the Lions. People said it was perfect for him if he went to the ECHL.

In 2022, comments had no place, but Samuel Montembeault wasn’t the goalie he is today. You should know that the Quebecer has heard you and has been made aware of the many comments about the Lions.

His reaction: he laughed. That’s what he told Eric Engels in the Habs dressing room on Saturday.

Montembeault also admitted that many people told him he was an AHL-calibre goalie when he first arrived in Montreal. On October 2, 2021, he was called up to the waivers by the team, and at the time, fans would never have believed that he would become a true number-one goalie, a gold medal champion with Team Canada and a multimillionaire.

Yet it’s a reality, and a year and a half after his move, even the worst of dirty tongues can’t tell that Monty is ECHL-caliber.

Another lasting memory is the five goals he scored against the Buffalo Sabres in his debut with the Canadiens. Despite the fact that he’s a very calm, never-stressed guy with Carey Price looks, I sincerely wonder if he thought his time in Montreal was going to be short-lived.

History has taught us that the organization was right to have been patient with him.

Now, number 35 has to play more games. I understand that with a three-goalie rotation, all three have to play, but Sam is clearly the most deserving. His game yesterday just goes to show that the net belongs to him.

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Saturday 4:30pm – Texans (4) vs Browns (5)

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