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Ryan Leonard’s gesture: the Swedes didn’t like it

The USA didn’t steal their gold medal (and free burritos) yesterday.

With a 6-2 victory over the tournament hosts, our neighbors to the south ended the tournament with no losses. But what caught the eye after the match was their arrogance. My colleague Marc-Olivier Cook discussed this in one of his articles.

And this arrogance was not appreciated by the Swedes.

After giving the crowd a kiss, Ryan Leonard, who played an incredible tournament, suffered the wrath of Liam Öhgren.

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The Swede says it’s not respectful and the Americans have lost in the past, so they know it’s tough.

Even though they picked up a silver medal, Sweden still ended their 2024 journey with a defeat. As a good sport, Öhgren ended by congratulating the Americans on their title.

Let’s bet that next year, a rivalry will develop between these two nations. One thing’s for sure, it won’t be in the preliminary phase, as the countries will be separated.

It has to be said that the European country is no angel in all this either. After all, behind by four, with less than a minute left in the game, the Swedish coach (who is no Louis Morissette) sent in his big players.

One of his “goons” actually fought Lane Hutson.

And let’s not forget that several years ago, Lias Andersson, a Swede, threw his silver medal into the stands.

In short, the CMJ is a tournament for youngsters who are not always mature, and with the importance of this tournament for their careers, in particular, it’s normal to be emotional. Now, is a lack of sportsmanship accepted? No. But let’s not start making a big deal of it…

These are young people, and sometimes it’s normal for emotions to get the better of you.

In a gaggle

– Things are going well for Adam Engstrom and Oliver Kapanen.

– It doesn’t matter how tall Lane Hutson is.

– Playing with Artemi Panarin certainly helps.

– It’s clear.

– Of note.

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