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Even Jake Allen admits he’s in a slump

Things aren’t going well for Jake Allen at the moment.

The Canadiens’ goaltender has just one win in his last ten games (!!!), and while he’s played well in some of them, the trend needs to change.

Allen made his mea-culpa after today’s practice, openly admitting that “it’s been tough” for him lately.

He knows he has to give more, and he knows he’s capable of doing so. That said, he thinks he’s on the right track:

Obviously, it’s more difficult for me. But I feel I’ve been solid in the last five games and that’s what I’m focusing on. – Jake Allen

His comments can be found at the 22nd minute of the following video:

It’s a shame for him, because this isn’t about a lack of effort.

The veteran works hard to give his club the best chance of winning when he’s sent into the fray, and he’s combative in front of the net.

But Allen still needs to find a way to win because he has a 1-8-1 record in his last 10 games. He’s been left to his own devices a few times in recent games, it’s true, but he needs to come up with the big saves once in a while, and that hasn’t been the case lately.

One wonders whether the veteran’s usage will change if he continues to have so many difficulties on the ice.

Samuel Montembeault has been playing a lot since signing his new contract (which makes sense), and we know that the organization has been prioritizing youth development since Kent Hughes arrived in Montreal.

It would therefore be logical in this context to play Primeau more than Allen, but this is where we see that the ménage à trois complicates Martin St-Louis’s job.

At a certain point, if you’re going to lose with Jake Allen in net… you might as well lose with Cayden Primeau, because it allows the youngster to gain NHL experience.

Martin St-Louis will have a decision to make, if Jake Allen continues to string losses together.

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