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Brad Marchand tries to bring Patrice Bergeron out of retirement

It’s no surprise to anyone: Patrice Bergeron is a beloved guy in Boston. He’s been an extremely important part of the Bruins’ success over the past two decades, and beyond his on-ice performances, his exceptional sportsmanship and leadership have made him a respected player throughout the NHL.

Without being the same style of player, he is as respected a human being as Sidney Crosby can be, for example.

And among the guys who have come to know him well is his former teammate and still good friend, Brad Marchand. Marchand, who succeeded Bergeron as Bruins captain, is very close to the Quebecer, and the two continue to be in regular contact despite #37’s retirement.

But even if Bergeron has hung up his skates, that’s not stopping Marchand from trying to bring his friend out of retirement. At least, that’s what he confessed to Pat McAfee on The Pat McAfee Show (unearthed by TVA Sports), broadcast earlier today:

He must be tired of me telling him I want him back! – Brad Marchand, on Patrice Bergeron

Obviously, when you listen to Marchand talk, you get the feeling that he’s doing it mostly in jest… but knowing his qualities as a little pest, you can only feel sorry for Bergeron, who must be getting (friendly) bashed non-stop by his successor as Bruins captain.

At the same time, I hope Bergeron knew what he was getting into by remaining Marchand’s friend, hehe.

On a more serious note, Marchand also acknowledged the enormous contribution of great captains in Bruins history. He obviously talked about what his friend Bergeron has done in the role, but he also praised the enormous work of Zdeno Chara and Raymond Bourque, to name but a few.

It really seems like an honor for him to follow in those guys’ footsteps.

A really interesting interview with Marchand, which I’m posting in its entirety HERE.

I’d be surprised if Marchand managed to crack Bergeron… but then again, you never know with him.

In bursts

– Talking.

– It has the merit of being clear.

– Nice pass from Alexis Lafrenière.

– Brandon Hagel hasn’t forgotten Patrick Maroon’s support.

– Sounds simple when you put it that way.

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