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Simon Boisvert: Lane Hutson, a power-play specialist… And that’s it

Based on what he’s accomplished since being selected in the second round by the Montreal Canadiens in 2022, it’s safe to say that Lane Hutson is in for a long and successful NHL career.

After all, it’s rare to come to the NCAA and dominate in your very first college season… But that’s the case with Hutson, and he’s still very good this season in Boston.

When we talk about him, it’s mainly because of his offensive prowess. The Canadian prospect has been racking up points at a dazzling pace since his arrival at Boston University, and it shows that he has great offensive potential.

Lane Hutson may not be the most defensive player around, and Simon Boisvert decided to spank some of his shortcomings pretty hard during anappearance on BPM Sports. In the Snake’s eyes, Hutson is a superior power-play specialist… And that’s it :

I really think he needs to go to Laval because for me, he’s a power play specialist at a higher level and that’s it […] My opinion is that if you put him in the National League right now, he’s going to get bypassed not pretty much. – Simon Boisvert

To explain his point, Simon Boisvert argues that Hutson loses his battles for the puck, that his backwards skating stroke isn’t good enough for an extremely fast league…

And the Snake goes on to say that he’d only play Hutson on the power play if he were wearing a Habs uniform right now.

I think it’s pretty hard to make these kinds of comments right now… For the simple reason that we haven’t yet had a chance to see everything Hutson can do on the ice in the NHL.

Because, basically, Hutson was excellent at last year’s World Championship with the United States, and there were NHL players at that tournament. He earned his place and finished the competition with six points in nine games.

But beyond the points, the U.S. coaching staff didn’t hesitate to use him, and that shows they had confidence in him. If the coaches thought the young man was that bad and had that many defensive shortcomings, we wouldn’t have seen him shine on the ice.

I’m not saying Lane Hutson is perfect. I’m just saying that we should wait before criticizing his defensive play in the NHL… Because he hasn’t even played a single game in the Bettman circuit yet.

In gusts

– Whew.

– It’s tough out east!

– Remember Michael Brandsegg-Nygard’s name.

– I’m surprised.

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