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Carrying three goalies: Pierre LeBrun wants to make it easier
By 2023-2024, the NHL will be carrying three goaltenders in its 23-player roster.

The Canadiens do it, but so do the Red Wings and Sabres. The latter, however, have just settled the matter. But for the other two clubs, three goalies are still a problem and it has to stop.

On the other hand, having three goalkeepers in your line-up could be easier to do for the next few years. In any case, that’s what Pierre LeBrun is asking the NHL to do in the new year.

The journalist would like the league and the NHLPA to look into the matter and modify the collective agreement to make it easier for teams to have three goaltenders on their roster.

But how? LeBrun didn’t give a solution, but quick as that, I’d suggest a 24-player roster for teams wanting to carry three goalies, but a 23-player roster for teams with two goalies. If you have better ideas, please comment… Let’s hope Gary Bettman and his group are reading.

Another reason is the use of goalies over the course of a year. In 2022-2023, the Vegas Golden Knights used five goalies during the season. As with all positions, injuries are a reality that teams have to deal with. The problem is that teams have extra skaters, and that’s not necessarily the case in front of the net.

The other problem is losing your number-three goaltender to waivers. In recent years, the players’ association has expressed the wish that goaltenders of a certain age and experience be eligible for waivers earlier in their career.

That wouldn’t solve the problem, though…

There must be a way to add another goalie to the 23-man roster without radically altering the salary cap. – Pierre LeBrun

In addition to the ease of carrying three goalies, LeBrun also wants to see two-minute power plays, no matter how many goals are scored. Still on the subject of power plays, he wants the face-off to be in the offensive zone at the start of a period.

He wants longer overtime, series of games against the same team (like in baseball) and a new scoring system.

In short, he’s asking for a lot, but it’s all for the good of the game. I’d love to see these changes, personally.

In short

– Too bad.

– He’s not alone.

– Devils active on several fronts.

– No, Connor McDavid is not in the top spot.

– Serves him right.

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