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Top-4: A standing ovation for Fleury, who played his 1,000th NHL game
A few games were on yesterday in the NHL.

Let’s take a look at what caught our eye.

1: A standing ovation for Fleury, playing his 1000th NHL game

Marc-André Fleury is an NHL legend.

His career is well-decorated and everyone will remember him as a good teammate.

Last night, the Quebecer had the chance to play his 1000th NHL game… But the Wild lost 3-2 to the Winnipeg Jets.

Fans in Minnesota, however, turned out in force to honor Fleury in style:

2: Warren Foegele has the game of his life

Things have really come together for the Oilers.

They changed coaches at the end of December, and the machine seems to be up and running.

The Oilers continued their good form by beating the poor Ducks 7-2…

Warren Foegele’s five-point performance was the highlight of the game.

3: Hat trick for Mason Marchment

Mason Marchment is one of the good supporting players in Dallas.

We’re not talking about a guy who’s going to put up 80 points a season on a regular basis… But we are talking about a forward who’s capable of going on the attack when it’s time to do so.

The left-handed forward demonstrated this last night in a game against the Blackhawks: Marchment had fun scoring three goals, which turned out to be his second career NHL hat trick.

His three goals gave the Stars an 8-1 victory:

4: Finally a point for Huberdeau

Jonathan Huberdeau’s performance was really starting to give cause for concern.

But the Quebecer took advantage of the Flyers’ visit to do something he hadn’t done since early December: get his name on the scoresheet.

Huberdeau picked up an assist in his team’s victory. That gives him 16 points in 36 games…

Let’s hope last night’s point gives him some confidence:


– Great play. Helped the Senators to a 5-1 win over the Sabres :

– Top scorers of the night :

(Credit: NHL)

– One game today in the NHL. Golden Knights VS Kraken, at 3pm.

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