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Price supports LPHF

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Price supports LPHF

Today, New York and Toronto faced off in the first game in the history of the new women’s hockey league, the LPHF.

The match got off to a good start for Toronto, with a visit from Billie Jean King. It was the tennis player who announced the starting line-up. She also dropped the ceremonial puck.

In front of a packed house, Ontario’s Ella Shelton scored the first goal in league history.

A moment she’ll never forget!

New league, new season: you can count on the Prices to be on top of things.

Family members aren’t on site in Toronto, but they’re in front of their TVs to support the debut of a professional women’s league.

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In the comments of Angela Price’s Instagram post, the Montreal team wondered if the family was taking for her. I hope so.

In any case, the linen the Prices sported was neutral. Let’s see if tomorrow they’ll be wearing jerseys in Montreal colors. Marie-Philip Poulin’s team will be playing their first-ever game against the Ottawa outfit in the nation’s capital.

It’s a great initiative to introduce the couple’s two daughters, Liv and Millie, to women’s hockey. Now, if they wish, they can become professional field hockey players like their father. Thanks to the LPHF, they’ll no longer be held back in their careers. This is true for Carey and Angela’s daughters, but also for all young women who one day want to become professional athletes.

I can’t wait to see if the family will be there for Montreal’s home games. On January 13, Kori Cheverie’s team will welcome Boston to the Verdun Auditorium for their first game in front of their home fans.

In short, it’s a big day for women’s hockey.

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– No surprise there.

– Do they need a goalie? #JakeAllen

– Obviously.

– Very nice.

– It’s good to decompress sometimes.

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