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Owen Beck’s goal in an unconvincing win for Canada
In the final match of the preliminary phase of the WYC 2024, Canada took on Germany.

The stakes were high for both teams, especially Germany. A win or loss in overtime would propel them into the quarter-finals, but a loss would push them into the relegation match against Norway.

As for Canada, they could consolidate their second place in Group A.

The match got off to a poor start for our favourites, however.

In the 11th second of play, Conor Geekie went for a check to the head of a German.

The result: game ejection and a five-minute power play.

Germany took advantage of this opportunity to score a goal.

Julian Lutz gave his team the lead.

But moments later, future top pick in the upcoming draft Macklin Celebrini brought everyone back to square one.

His third goal of the tournament.

Canada then took the lead thanks to Brayden Yager. No, it’s not a German…

2-1 Canada.

But the underdogs didn’t give up.

On another power play, they tied the game.

At the start of the third period, Owen Beck put the opposition to the sword.

The Habs prospect scored his first goal of the tournament.

But just as in the second period, the Europeans once again created a tie.

Jordan Dumais added another power play, this time for four minutes. After the power play, Julius Sumpf beat Mathis Rousseau.

However, Dumais bounced back in the best possible way later on.

The Quebecer scored his first goal of the tournament.

Final score: 6-3 Canada. Macklin Celebrini took advantage of a poor save by goalkeeper Matthias Bittner to propel his club to victory.

Easton Cowan added another in an empty net.

Latvians appreciate it…

Canada will therefore face the Czech Republic in a one-off match on Tuesday.

As for the Germans, they’ll have to win a suicide match against the Norwegians to take part in the WYC 2025. The loser will be replaced by Kazakhstan next year.

Extra time

Now that the preliminary phase is over, here are the final standings:

Group A

Sweden 10 points

Canada 9 points

Finland 5 points

Latvia 3 points

Germany 3 points

Group B

United States 11 points

Slovakia 9 points

Czech Republic 7 points

Switzerland 3 points

Norway 0 points

Here are the quarter-final match-ups:

Sweden (1A) vs Switzerland (4B)

Slovakia (2B) vs Finland (3A)

United States (1B) vs Latvia (4A)

Canada (2A) vs Czech Republic (3B)

(Credit: IIHF )

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