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Mike Matheson is the Habs’ second-highest scorer

The Montreal Canadiens aren’t having a dream season, far from it. However, the team is doing quite well this year despite several injuries and a lack of goals scored by Cole Caufield, the club’s designated maverick.

Although Caufield just scored his 9ᵉ goal of the season (only) in the last game against the Florida Panthers, he’s giving more in other facets.

The #22 has accustomed us to scoring more goals than assists. Last year, he scored 26 goals and 10 assists in 46 games.

This season is quite different, with only nine goals and 16 assists in 35 games.

Although he has improved in other areas of his game, CC22 still has fewer points than defenseman Mike Matheson.

The latter is simply on fire this year, with 26 points in 35 games.

His 26 points place him second in the club, behind Nick Suzuki, but ahead of Ti-Cole.

Still, it’s an impressive performance from the Quebec defenseman, who’s on track to shatter last year’s record of 34 points in a single season.

Matheson has never played 82 games in a season, and last year he played just 48. If he continues on this path, Matheson could score 60 points.

P.K. Subban was the last Tricolore defenseman to reach this plateau, and that was nine years ago.

Matheson is the club’s offensive quarterback, and that’s not even a question.

The Quebecer picked up an assist on Caufield’s goal in the last game, which was the 500ᵉ game of his career.

By the way, Matheson is now on a seven-game streak overseas with at least one point. During this sequence, he has collected nine points.

In La Sainte-Flanelle history, this is the sixth-longest foreign streak by a defenseman.

It has to be said that he’s in good company with Larry Robinson, who monopolizes the chart, and Andrei Markov.

Will Mike Matheson be able to join Robinson and Markov at the top of the chart, and possibly overtake them?

Personally, the way he’s playing, I don’t see why he couldn’t. He’s got what it takes. He’s got what it takes, even if it won’t be easy.

Breaking news

– A very interesting statistic. The chart shows a player’s ability to create scoring opportunities with different facets of the game, and there are two Habs prospects in the top-5.

– Kucherov is just too good.

– Godin gives his opinion on the aspect of defending teammates, which doesn’t seem to be very present since Xhekaj left Montreal for Laval.

– He is the fourth goaltender in history to reach this prestigious plateau, and all four are Quebecers: Marc-André Fleury, Patrick Roy, Roberto Luongo and Martin Brodeur.

– I’m not aware of the situation, but it’s totally unacceptable on the part of the coach.

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