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Sweden whitewash Canada to win Group A

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Sweden whitewash Canada to win Group A
Day 4 of the CMJ: Canada and Sweden faced off in a match for first place in the group.

Not directly for the Canadians, but for Sweden.

No goals were scored in the first period, but Fraser Minten opened the door to one of the tournament’s best numerical advantages.

The Leafs’ hopeful received a four-minute penalty for his raised stick.

The Swedes didn’t score, thanks to Canadian goalkeeper Mathis Rousseau.

He saved a goal.

Henrik Lundqvist couldn’t believe his eyes.

But in the second period, the home team broke the ice.

Tom Willander solves the Rousseau riddle.

The European club then buzzed into enemy territory.

And by playing with fire, Canada was bound to get burned. As it turned out, the Swedes took a two-goal lead.

After two periods, the men in yellow led 2-0.

Both teams went scoreless in the third period and in the win, Hugo Havelid was sensational, turning away all 21 shots directed at him.

Final score: 2-0 Sweden.

The Swedes, who have yet to concede a goal in this tournament (nine scoreless periods), have thus won Group A and will face the fourth-placed team from the other group in the quarter-finals.

For our favourites, they will have the opportunity to consolidate second place against Germany on Sunday. This is the first time since 2021 that Canada has been blanked.

Just after half-time, Owen Beck fell heavily against the ramp. He retreated to the dressing room, but returned shortly afterwards. No penalty was given on the sequence.


After four days at the World Championship, here are the standings for the two groups:

Group A

1. Sweden 3-0-0-0

2. Canada 2-0-0-1

3. Germany 1-0-0-1

4. Finland 1-0-0-2

5. Latvia 0-0-0-3

Group B

1. Slovakia 3-0-0-0

2. United States 2-1-0-0

3. Czech Republic 1-0-1-1

4. Switzerland 0-0-0-2

5. Norway 0-0-0-3

On Sunday, Slovakia and the USA will battle it out for top spot in Group B.

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