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4-3 victory: The U.S. can thank Jacob Fowler and Lane Hutson in particular
Earlier today, the Americans played their third match of the competition at the World Junior Championship.

They took on the Czech Republic, and the focus was on Jacob Fowler and Lane Hutson.

How did it go for the two Canadian prospects, you might ask?

Simple: Hutson was named Player of the Game and Fowler stole the show in the shootout.

Fowler was so solid that he earned comparisons with Patrick Roy on Twitter / X!

The goaltender was a little shaky in the first two periods, allowing three goals on 17 shots, but he was really solid after that.

I’d have given him the Player of the Game award myself, because he made so many fine saves in the shootout.

It’s impressive because he was so good under the pressure. But that’s Jacob Fowler.

A guy who thrives on great moments…

Lane Hutson earned the honor and we recognized the Lane Hutson we know on the ice. He was decent, but nothing more, in his first two games of the competition…

But the defenseman was really better today.

He got up at an important moment to serve a ridiculous pass to his teammate in the enclave, while stationed behind the opposing net:

The USA will cross swords with Slovakia and Filip Mesar on Sunday.

Both teams are still unbeaten at the start of the tournament and will be battling for top spot in Group B.

Emotions are likely to run high, and the Slovaks will be hungry as lions. This is a great opportunity for Mesar and his team-mates to surprise the hockey world…

And with Mesar, Dvorsky and co. so talented up front, it’s sure to be an interesting duel for fans to watch.

In gusts

– Sad.

– I couldn’t have said it better myself.

– He’s still injured. That’s unfortunate.

– Happy reading.

– What will they do?

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