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Connor Bedard: NHL veterans found him “too covered by the media”.

Things aren’t going well in Chicago. Even though the Blackhawks won yesterday – thanks to Connor Bedard – the team finds itself in second-to-last place in the NHL.

Still, the team has good fan support. Once again: thanks to Bedard.

In fact, the Hawks have one of the best crowds in the Bettman circuit.

Better than the last two years, anyway…

In terms of average attendance per game, the team ranks fourth in the NHL, but in terms of capacity percentage, it’s a very different story.

As the statistics on Hockey-Reference show, Chicago ranks 19th with a percentage of 95.6.

That said, Bedard brings his club a few million extra dollars. No, I don’t think the media coverage at his expense is exaggerated.

However, earlier this year, some coaches and players complained about the media coverage the young prodigy was receiving.

Really, you jealous bunch?

For the past few years, people have been complaining that the NHL wasn’t showcasing its stars enough. And now that it does, it’s still whining…

While these players and coaches have complained anonymously, Jonathan Marchessault hasn’t been afraid to say it out loud.

Last October, in an interview with TVA Sports, the Quebecer confessed that “the media are hard on him and they should leave him alone”. In hindsight, a few months later, it’s safe to say that the journalists haven’t got inside the youngster’s head. At least for the time being.

His 32 points in 34 games are impressive, and he doesn’t seem to mind outside distractions. To think that Grant McCagg would hesitate between him and Macklin Celebrini if they were in the same draft year…

In brief

– The Rocket plays too.

– Too bad.

– Good luck to him.

– It’s coming along nicely.

– Seattle signing.

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