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When Jean Béliveau and Samuel Montembeault find themselves in the same sentence
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Since joining the Montreal Canadiens, Samuel Montembeault has been a fan favorite, regularly brightening fans’ lives. In fact, he received a special Christmas card (with a poem) from a fan with Down syndrome (Jeremy) and his mother, thanking him for always posing for a photo.

Monty is obviously Jeremy’s favorite player, as he always takes the time to stop and get out of his car to pose with Jeremy.

Jérémy’s mother was full of praise for the Montreal stopper, even comparing him to Jean Béliveau for his kindness and similar (calm) energy.

“Every time I went with Jeremy, Sam Montembeault stopped – 100% of the time. I want to call his mother and congratulate her on what an extraordinary young man he is. I think he’s like Jean Béliveau, from what I’ve experienced with him. His energy is magnificent. He’s in my heart. He makes my son so happy and that makes me happy.” – Lindi Ross, Jeremy’s mother

Of course, inside the poem, written by Jeremy’s mom, is the mention about Jean Béliveau.

“In the world of hockey, may Sam continue to have a winning grip, may his gloved hand always be fast, and may the puck never slip. But beyond the rink, where fans adore, his kindness and grace, we can’t ignore them, autographs signed with a generous hand, a touch of class, like the great Beliveau, Sam is so great.”

You’ve understood since the beginning of the text: the comparison has nothing to do with the talent of each, but rather with Sam’s generous attitude and the one that Monsieur Béliveau offered every day.

Jeremy doesn’t miss a single Tricolore game on TV, and his room is decked out in Montreal Canadiens blue-white-and-red, with lots of HIS team memorabilia.

What’s not to love about that kind of story after December 25?

In gusto

– OHL wins!

– Slovakia is a great nation again!

– Proof that Macklin Celebrini is incredible.

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