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The Maple Leafs haven’t won three consecutive series in the same year since 1932.

For many years now (and I’m being polite), the arrival of the playoffs in the spring has been no picnic for Maple Leafs fans. Either their team doesn’t make it, or it finds a way to collapse when the path is all paved.

As recently as last spring, the Ontario team was carrying the weight of not having won a round since 2004. John Tavares temporarily delivered the metropolis, but the Leafs were brought back down to earth rather quickly by the eventual finalists, the Florida Panthers.

It’s well known that Toronto hasn’t won a championship since 1967, but there’s an even more unusual statistic that will give some people a hard time.

The Maple Leafs haven’t won three consecutive playoff rounds since 1932. Yes, yes, 1932, just over 91 years ago.

It was SDPN’s Steve Dangle who brought up an even crazier idea, that this had never happened in the team’s history. However, Dangle had forgotten about the 1932 conquest, as many pointed out to him.

The first question that comes to mind is: what happened when the Maple Leafs went all the way for the last time?

In 1967, there were only six teams in the league and only four in the playoffs. The Leafs first put an end to the Chicago Blackhawks’ season before eliminating the Habs in the final.

And in 1932?

There were eight teams in the NHL and the Leafs had to win three rounds to win the Stanley Cup. They beat Chicago, Montreal (Maroons), and New York.

What’s more, in the modern NHL, if a team wins three rounds, it’s at least a finalist. It’s not an easy feat to pull off.

By way of comparison, the Habs have done it just once since the 1993 conquest, and that was in 2021.

But a 91-year drought is another matter.

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