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CMJ: a point for Lane Hutson in a tough match

After seeing Filip Mesar help Slovakia beat the Czech Republic and Owen Beck play a very good game in Canada’s win over Finland, it was the turn of another Habs prospect to take to the CMJ stage this afternoon, as Lane Hutson and the USA took on Norway.

Jacob Fowler, also a member of Team USA, was on the bench for the occasion. Trey Augustine got the start.

And while many expected the U.S. to destroy Norway, credit must be given to the latter, who delivered far better opposition than many expected. Augustine had to be solid to keep his team in the game, and he was.

That’s a bad sign for those hoping to see Fowler take the #1 goalie’s chair, let’s say.

Norway fought hard for the first 40 minutes, but the USA dominated the third.

But let’s talk about Lane Hutson, shall we?

If we look at the score sheet alone, the Canadian prospect seems to have had a good game. He was the U.S.’s most-used player (by far) with 22:56 of ice time (no other player played 19 minutes), took two shots, finished the game with a +1 differential and picked up an assist on that Isaac Howard goal that gave the U.S. a 4-1 lead.

That was the final score.

However, when you look at the 60 minutes of the game, you notice that Hutson actually had a tougher game. In his zone, he committed several turnovers and his decision-making didn’t seem optimal.

He also took a very bad penalty early in the second period to force the U.S. to defend with three players, but at least it had no consequences.

And what’s special is that it’s quite rare to see him make this kind of mistake in the NCAA. Was he a little nervous today? Is he still getting used to the big European ices? It’s all possible.

Norway didn’t hesitate to put a lot of pressure on Hutson and the U.S., and that forced the Americans to adapt. They looked surprised in the first 40 minutes, but adjusted in the third period.

We’ll see if Hutson can bounce back in his next few games, but it’s a safe bet that this was an isolated tough match rather than a sign of things to come. Incidentally, the U.S. have a day off tomorrow, which will give Hutson time to bounce back. The next match is scheduled for Thursday, when Switzerland will be the USA’s opponent.

In bursts

– Michael Brandsegg-Nygard played a full game for Norway. He could earn big points towards the next draft at this tournament.

– Ryan Leonard was very solid today for the USA.

– Already three years since Derek Aucoin’s sad passing.

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