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“I wouldn’t be surprised to see Patrick Roy get a chance”.

Ah, dear Patrick Roy…

The former Canadiens and Avalanche goaltender continues to polarize, despite himself. Every time there’s talk of a head coaching position in the NHL, his name comes up.

To say that Quebecers are desperate to see him back behind an NHL bench is an understatement.

But the question is, will it really happen? After all, there’s a gap between what Quebecers (both fans and members of the province’s hockey community) hope/want and what the hockey world feels/thinks.

Frank Seravalli made that clear.

And on this subject, Pierre McGuire (who grew up in Quebec, by the way) believes that a team should take a chance with Patrick Roy as coach, an extraordinary hockey man who is passionate about winning.

In the analyst’s view, Roy’s day-to-day efforts and experience in both the QMJHL and NHL mean that a club should give him another chance.

This was reported on “The Sick Podcast – The Eye Test” recently.

As well as giving examples of his passion, McGuire mentioned to Jimmy Murphy that he wouldn’t be surprised to see a club give Roy a chance in the future.

He did, however, add this:

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Patrick Roy get a chance.

But when you hire Patrick, you hire a big personality. When you’re a GM with a lot of confidence, that doesn’t scare you… but many GMs are afraid of that. – Pierre McGuire

For me, this nuance is important. After all, Roy doesn’t seem to have the perfect ally to bring him back to the Bettman circuit (except maybe Ottawa?) and those who don’t know him personally may be intimidated by his presence.

Because the problem isn’t his coaching skills, as we know.

But still. It seems to me that if I were the GM of a club that needed a coach who had a knack for working with young players, I’d turn to the man who won the Memorial Cup in 2006 and 2023.

Doesn’t he know how to adapt?

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