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Few teams will have a tougher schedule than the Canadiens between now and the end of 2023-24.
So far, the Canadiens are having a pleasantly surprising season. The club has a 14-13-5 record and is well established among the pack of Eastern teams vying for one of the two draft spots.

The Lightning have a bit of a lead with 37 points, but they’ve played more games than the Devils, Red Wings, Penguins and Habs, who are in a good fight right now.

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Is it realistic to think that the club will continue to play like this until the end of the season? Some believe so, while others (myself included) think that the lack of raw talent in the lineup will eventually catch up with the Habs.

When you’ve only won three games by two goals or more and none by three goals or more after 32 games, it’s a sign that you’re not exactly a dominant team. It holds for now, but in the long run, the magic may disappear.

That said, another factor that could work against the Habs is the fact that very few clubs will have a tougher schedule than they do between now and the end of the season. Tankathon has calculated the strength of schedule for all teams between now and the end of the campaign (which is done by averaging the combined points percentage of all upcoming opponents), and the Habs rank 11th among the toughest schedules.

Hooked On Hockey Magazine produced this graphic, which illustrates the point.

The good news, however, is that the Habs’ direct rivals also have their work cut out for them. The Devils (1st), Penguins (6th), Lightning (9th) and Red WIngs (10th), who are the Habs’ direct opponents, all have a slightly tougher schedule than the Tricolore between now and the end of the campaign.

The graph shows that, with a few exceptions, the Eastern teams are mostly at the top of the standings, while the Western teams are at the bottom. This just goes to show that, so far, the Eastern Conference is quite superior to the Western Conference in 2023-24.

That said, for Martin St-Louis’ young squad, who want to prove that they deserve their place in the big leagues, this will be a fine challenge. The Tricolore will be up against some big clubs between now and the end of the campaign, and if they manage to secure their ticket to the playoffs, they won’t have stolen it.

Now it’s up to the club to roll up its sleeves and play big games against big clubs. And as we saw against the Bruins and Golden Knights earlier this year, the Habs are capable of winning those games when they play their best hockey.


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