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CMJ: expect Macklin Celebrini to miss the start of the tournament
Today, Canada played a preparatory match for the World Junior Championship. It was a duel against Switzerland, which the Canadians won without too much difficulty.

What can we learn from it?

The main thing to take away from the 6-3 win is that the Swiss got themselves into trouble. But how? By seeing the excellent Macklin Celebrini do just that:

Basically, the NHL’s top prospect tackled a player from behind against the boards. He fell heavily and the movement of his head isn’t exactly reassuring at first glance.

You might wonder why he had his back turned, but the IIHF doesn’t ask such questions, historically.

In fact, it’s very likely that the young man will be suspended on the sidelines of the tournament. That’s the way it often works, for gestures of this kind on the international stage.

What’s more, Canada’s first match is against Finland (December 26). Without Celebrini, it will be more difficult.

Of course, if Celebrini can’t be there, it’s logical to think that this would open the door for other players to have a bigger role in the middle. And clearly, Owen Beck comes to mind.

The Canadian prospect, who is Mr. Experience with Team Canada, scored two goals today in his team’s penultimate preparatory game. In fact, he was player of the game.

Since the start of the tournament, Beck has often found himself in the role of fourth center. Will he get a chance on the top-9 tomorrow, given his experience, his performances and the fact that Celebrini has been the second center since the start of camp?

Given that a suspension seems likely, it’s safe to assume that Beck could be sentenced – positively – in the next few days. Nothing is certain, however.

In brief

– Rumors of the moment.

– Oh boy.

– Les boys!

– Still.

– Incredible.

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