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Samuel Montembeault would really like to experience the playoffs at the Bell Centre

As a Habs fan, it’s hard to believe in the playoffs.

After all, on paper, the team isn’t the most talented and it’s in a rebuilding period. Even though people have started talking about the playoffs, we have to face facts: the spring tournament isn’t for this year.

I hope I’m wrong, because the Habs are still four points away from the playoffs…

Fans aside, Samuel Montembeault is looking forward to the playoff experience at the Bell Centre. That’s what he told Simon-Olivier Lorange of La Presse.

It must be so noisy. – Samuel Montembeault

I’m sure he’s not the only one in the current edition.

Not because the guys have never been to the playoffs, but because all the healthy players in the lineup (except Brendan Gallagher) have never tasted the real playoffs at the Bell Centre.

The Tricolore participated in the post-season tournament in 2020 and 2021, but the amphitheatre was not filled in either year due to the COVID-19.

In fact, the last time the Habs finished among the top eight teams in their association and there were no pandemic-related restrictions was in 2017. That year, the team’s current captain was drafted by the Vegas Golden Knights in the first round. Cole Caufield was drafted two years later…

In short, Sam, who has just signed a three-year contract, has four years (possibly more) to help his team make the playoffs. One thing’s for sure: he won’t be too stressed.

As the goalie’s mother told Lorange, her son is never stressed. So much so that “it’s stressful how unstressed he is”.

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