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Patrick Roy and Jacques Martin together in Ottawa: Michel Bergeron’s vision

Since the Senators cleaned house by dismissing DJ Smith as the team’s head coach, speculation has been rife as to who the long-term appointment will be.

You might say that there was speculation before… and that’s true. But it’s even more obvious this week.

Obviously, in the short term, we know that Jacques Martin is the right man for the job. If all goes well, he’ll bring a certain structure that will enable his club to get back on the road to respectable victory.

But in the long term? He’s not the solution, as we all know. However, in the light of the need to make a change without having appointed a GM yet, it was the right thing to do.

Obviously, there are some names that come up frequently to take the helm of the club. When we talk about it in Quebec, it’s often French-speaking names that come up.

The most popular? Patrick Roy.

On the sidelines of Wednesday’s “Sans filet” segment, Michel Bergeron spoke out in favor of Patrick Roy’s arrival, without ruling out Jacques Martin.

We need to keep Jacques Martin around.

If Patrick comes to Ottawa, he’ll have to appoint one or two assistants, but he’d need Jacques as an advisor. – Michel Bergeron

The question about Jacques Martin is a good one. After all, he clearly loves the Senators, and his bosses must think he’s part of the solution if he’s been around the club for a few weeks already.

Was he an advisor to put pressure on the former driver, or was it really to play a mentoring role?

And above all, would Patrick Roy, who likes to have more power than not enough, like to have an advisor when he’s already coached the Avalanche from 2013 to 2016? Would the fact that it’s hypothetically Jacques Martin change things? You have to wonder.

But hey. First and foremost, the Sens need to find a GM. That’s the first step.

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