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Avalanche: Devon Toews sharply criticized his teammates after losing to Chicago

The Colorado Avalanche’s 2023-2024 season isn’t a bad one. The Denver club is currently tied with the Stars at the top of its division with 40 points.

But does that mean all is well in the best of all possible worlds? Not necessarily.

In the Central, excluding the Blues (who recently changed coaches because things were so bad) and the poor Blackhawks, the Avalanche have the worst record in the division over their last 10 games.


And obviously, in the dressing room, it’s not exactly what the guys were expecting.

Why do I say that? Because if you listen to what Devon Toews had to say after yesterday’s game, you realize that the mood in Denver isn’t exactly rosy.

I think we’ve got guys who think they’re playing well, and I think they’re lying to themselves at this point. – Devon Toews

The defenseman made these comments after his team was unable to beat the Chicago Blackhawks last night. The Avalanche lost 3-2 to one of the league’s worst teams.

And that led to the defenseman’s comments that the guys need to know how to play when you’re wearing the colors of the Colorado Avalanche.

The man who says “it’s hard to play in this league when you don’t know where your teammates are going to be” has been the talk of the town in recent hours. #Of course

Some interpreted his comments as leadership, while others linked them to Mike Cammalleri’s comment that the Habs have a loser’s mentality. The spectrum is wide.

Of course, the Canadiens of 2023 can count themselves lucky that, in all likelihood, they won’t have such big problems in the dressing room. It’s hard to imagine David Savard making such comments, let’s say.

But at the same time, don’t forget that Joe Sakic isn’t afraid to talk about the P-word and the Stanley Cup… #ExpectationsManagement

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