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A divorce (and a new flame) for Marc-Édouard Vlasic

At the beginning of October, Frédérique Guay announced via her social networks that she had decided to take a short professional break. The popular host and reporter for LCN and TVA Sports had been vague about the reasons for this temporary withdrawal, simply promising to return eventually.

Many fans had expressed concern about Frédérique’s health, prompting her to make a second public appearance a few hours later to simply say she was fine.

Everyone in the business knew the reasons behind the popular host’s absence, but no one wanted to be the one to divulge them publicly. #PolichinelleSecret

In 2023, we’re (quite) more skittish than when JT Utah and 25Stanley reigned supreme over sports gossip…

I made a subtle reference to Frédérique and her California Love in my October rap on BPM Sports. Several people in the business wrote to tell me they found it funny.

Then Frédérique posted several photos and stories live from California on her social networks…

And she also showed up on at least one red carpet with Marc-Édouard Vlasic. In fact, Dose. ca has posted a few images of Vlasic and Guay doing a lot of walking since yesterday.


The two lovers no longer hide their love, at least not in real life. Many readers saw them hand in hand last summer at the Festival d’été de Québec. Congratulations to them!

Yesterday, Vlasic’sex-spouse, Martine Auclair, confided on her Instagram account that she had made the decision to leave Marc-Édouard some time ago… and recently obtained a full divorce.

(Credit: Instagram)

“Getting divorced is often perceived as being a failure, but in my case, I’m leaving with my head held high knowing that I’ve done everything I could do for a long time.” – Martine Auclair, who will obviously retain custody of the three dogs

Let’s hope the future will be rosy for Martine, Frédérique, Marc-Édouard and the dog children.


No need to remind you that Vlasic is having a (very) tough season so far. He has just one point in 17 games, a cumulative minus-11 rating, has been repeatedly left out of the worst lineup in the NHL and recently left the Sharks for a few days (for personal reasons).

What happens off the ice often affects what happens on it. We’re all affected to some degree by our personal lives in our professional lives. Athletes are no exception.

Note that Vlasic was left out when the Habs were in San Jose earlier this season… and that gave Martine a reason to cheers.

(Credit: Instagram)

She still seemed to resent the one she left behind at the time. But that’s a personal matter. Not my business.

Vlasic made a return to action yesterday in the Sharks’ loss to the Kings. He played just over 13 minutes and completed his game at minus-1. He has earned approximately $70 million since joining the NHL. He will add another $12.5 in the final two years of his contract.

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