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Historically, the Canadian sucks at holiday travel
Every time the holiday season rolls around, the Habs head out on the road to play. Why do they do this? Because the Bell Centre is used for many different events during this time.

The result? The Habs are driven from their home.

This year will be no exception. After all, before Christmas, the Habs will play in Winnipeg (tonight), Minnesota (Thursday) and Chicago (Friday), all away from home.

After Christmas? Hurricanes on 28, Panthers on 30, Lightning on 31 and Stars on January 2.

Every year, this is an important trip. It serves as a barometer for what’s to come, to see if the Habs have what it takes to be a good team or not.

And often, the results aren’t exactly conclusive.

In the last five seasons in which the holiday trip took place, the club played a total of 30 games. Only ten victories were recorded, for an efficiency rate of .333.


Raphaël Doucet rightly reminds us that in 2018, the Habs had been good. That means that in 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2022, the Habs are barely playing for .250 on the holiday trip.

Give or take, you say?

At the moment, the Canadiens are four points away from a playoff spot. They have four teams to surpass to reach the famous P-word, but four points in December is doable.

That’s better than the Sens… #12Points

(Credit: NHL)

If the Habs can keep up with the NHL’s good teams over the next few weeks, it’ll give the group some hope of moving forward a bit.

But more realistically, expect to see the Habs sink.

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– PTO in Carolina.

– Why not?

– All is well in Ottawa…

– Very sad.

– Wow!

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