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Fleury’s possible last game in Pittsburgh: John Hynes decides to leave him out

When we talk about Marc-André Fleury, we’re talking about a respected NHL player.

We’re talking about a guy who’s won just about everything, too.

Three Stanley Cups, a Vezina Trophy, a gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics… His career is well decorated.

The Quebecer celebrated his 39th birthday in November, and he’s nearing the end of his career. He won’t confirm that this is his last NHL season, but it could be.

The Wild are in Pittsburgh to take on the Penguins tonight, so chances are this will be Fleury’s last career game in the Steel City.

But for this occasion… John Hynes and the Wild will decide to trust Filip Gustavsson.

Fleury himself told Michael Russo, a reporter for The Athletic who covers the team, thathe’s “a little” disappointed that he won’t be playing tonight, and that it’s not that serious.

But nobody’s going to make me believe he doesn’t have a little turd on his heart just the same.

Fleury spent more than 10 years in Pittsburgh, and the Penguins organization holds a special place in his heart because it gave him the chance to play in the NHL.

This is an ordinary decision on the part of John Hynes… And it seems even worse when you consider that he was hired by the Wild just a few weeks ago, in November.

Talk about earning the respect of the guys in the room…

The Wild are in the thick of the playoff race and Marc-Andre Fleury’s performance hasn’t been great so far this season. Hynes wants to give himself the best possible chance of winning, and that’s understandable…

But he’s clearly missed this one. It really looks like a Mike Babcock move.

In bursts

– Incredible.

– Bored.

– Stay tuned.

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