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The Hurricanes weren’t afraid to send a veteran goalie to the waivers.

The Carolina Hurricanes’ goaltending situation is taking its toll on the club.

Their starting goalie, Frederik Andersen, was injured last November with a blood clotting problem.

Young Pyotr Kochetkov did very well last year and was simply too dominant in the AHL this year.

This season, the statistics are not in his favor in the NHL, as Kochetkov has an efficiency rate of 0.890, as well as a goals-against average of 2.77.

As for Antti Raanta, the 34-year-old goaltender is having a season well below expectations, with a goals-against average of 3.61, while maintaining an efficiency rate of 0.854.

Needless to say, that’s pretty disastrous.

The Finnish goaltender signed for another season with the Canes this summer, at a salary of $1.5 million.

Unfortunately for Carolina, Raanta hasn’t delivered the goods so far, and the team placed the veteran in the waivers on Saturday afternoon.

Elliotte Friedman, among others, reported.

If Raanta doesn’t get claimed in the waivers, he would be eligible to play in the AHL.

However, the Hurricanes don’t currently have an affiliated club, so they’ll have to work with another NHL team to get a player on loan, with the goal of sending Raanta to that team’s club-school.

There’s one AHL team that comes to mind that is in desperate need of an experienced goaltender.

The Laval Rocket could indeed be a great destination for the Finn.

Anthony Marcotte wondered.

Kent Hughes could work to add Raanta to the Rocket, by sending a player on loan to the Hurricanes.

With Strauss Mann and Jakub Dobes in net, the addition of a veteran of Raanta’s calibre could go a long way to helping the Rocket get out of their slump.

So, with Andersen’s injury and Raanta’s waivers, Kochetkov is now, by default, the Hurricanes’ #1 goalie.

Obviously, if the Canes are to keep their playoff hopes alive, they’ll need more experience in front of the net to back up young Kochetkov.

And that’s just as well, because the Tricolore has a surplus of goaltenders.

Jake Allen, who has already won a Stanley Cup and is an excellent mentor, comes to mind.

He would indeed be a great addition to the Carolina dressing room, but the goalie’s performance and salary of nearly $4 million per season until 2025 don’t help the Habs trade him.

One thing’s for sure, Allen’s value can’t be too high, especially with his full salary. There is a possibility of finding common ground, but it wouldn’t be the ideal choice for the Hurricanes.

Allen’s salary seems to be tying Kent Hughes’ hands, and a waivers deal could end up being the solution to the Tricolore’s ménage à trois in front of the net.

In any case, the Hurricanes weren’t afraid to send a veteran goaltender to the waivers, even if his salary isn’t astronomical.

In my opinion, the best option for the Canes would be Coyotes goaltender Karel Vejmelka.

The Czech goaltender could be a great addition to a contending team like the Hurricanes.

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