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Two games in a row: Samuel Montembeault to face Islanders tomorrow

Yesterday, we learned that Cayden Primeau had missed training to undergo treatment. Inevitably, this raised questions about Saturday’s game.

After all, it was his turn to play, according to the rotation. Was he going to play the last game of the year at home when the other two goalkeepers are likely to be healthier? That was the question on everyone’s mind yesterday.

And if not, will this open the door to Jake Allen? Or will Samuel Montembeault once again get the chance to play twice in a row? #JouerAuMérite

And clearly, Martin St-Louis has made up his mind: it’s Samuel Montembeault who will get a second game in a row. Even though he lost his game on Wednesday.

Does this mean that MSL considers the Quebecer its #1 goaltender? Since Jake Allen and Cayden Primeau won’t have played all week, it’s safe to assume so.

In any case, whether he’s #1 or not, it’s clear that he’s the hottest goalie around. He’s the guy you want in net to win, he’s the guy the guys want to play in front of, and that’s what’s happening.

For the moment, based on the last few games, we feel that the three-man rotation is being (somewhat) retained, but that Montembeault is playing twice out of four (and twice in a row) instead of once out of three.

Over the next few days, we’ll see if this remains true.

Next week, after Saturday’s game, there are three games left before Christmas: Monday in Winnipeg, Thursday in Minnesota and Friday in Chicago. If Primeau is healthy, will it be Allen, Primeau and Montembeault? Will all three play, but in a different order?

That’s one possibility. To be continued…


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