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Forbes: the Canadian’s value has risen by 24% in the space of a year

The Canadiens finished last season in the cellar of the NHL’s overall standings.

If the trend continues, that could be the case again this year…

But even though the Habs are rebuilding and have been losing most of their games for several months now, that doesn’t mean the club’s monetary value is declining. Far from it, in fact.

According to Forbes’ latest valuation, the Habs are worth 24% more than last year.

In absolute figures, that puts the Habs’ monetary value at $2.3 billion:

Only the Leafs ($2.8 billion) and Rangers ($2.65 billion) are ahead of the Habs in this respect.

The end of the ranking (top-10) looks like this:

  • 4. Los Angeles Kings ($2 billion)
  • 5. Boston Bruins ($1.9 billion)
  • 6. Chicago Blackhawks ($1.87 billion)
  • 7. Edmonton Oilers ($1.85 billion)
  • 8. Philadelphia Flyers ($1.65 billion)
  • 9. Washington Capitals ($1.6 billion)
  • 10. New York Islanders ($1.55 billion)
All in all, quite impressive.

It’s worth remembering in this context that the Habs have agreed to the terms of a long-term deal with Air Canada, and that the airline’s logo is now embroidered on the team’s jerseys on the road.

It’s also worth noting thatthe average value of an NHL team is now $1.33 billion, 29% more than a year ago.That’s huge… and we have to wonder what impact it will have on payroll growth in the coming years.

Remember that the salary cap is set to rise to $87.7 million next season. And it’s set to soar if club values continue to rise…

In brief

– Are you serious?

– I can’t wait to see it.

– Enjoy your reading.

– Well done.

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