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“The Penguins must trade Sidney Crosby before it’s too late” – Mathias Brunet
As evidenced by his 31 points in 28 games, Sidney Crosby is still excellent.

Even at 36, the Penguins captain remains one of the NHL’s best players. The more the years go by, the more you get the feeling he’ll end his career in Pittsburgh, but…

Since yesterday, there have been doubts. First it was Arpon Basu who wondered if Crosby’s future really lay in Pennsylvania.

Earlier in the evening, it was Mathias Brunet’s turn to give his opinion on the legend.

Appearing on BPM Sports, he wasn’t afraid to say that the Penguins need to trade him before it’s too late.

To see Crosby change addresses would be extremely strange… I don’t know how I’d get over it. But the idea is far from crazy.

The Penguins aren’t going anywhere. They may be two points out of the playoffs, but they’re not going to win the Stanley Cup this year. In fact, I doubt they’ll win it before the trio of Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang retire.

Boring to say, but the dynasty is no more…

In sports, you have to put your feelings aside to keep the business going .

Trading Crosby would be very beneficial for the organization, which could pick up elements that will revive a new dynasty. Because yes, even at 36, #87 is worth the moon. But for that to happen, the organization’s GM Kyle Dubas will have to put his feelings aside.

Brunet was clear: the Penguins need to sell players to maximize their value. So now’s the time to trade a guy like Crosby while he’s still dominant.

Note that he earns $8.7 million a year until the end of next season. Crosby also has a no-movement clause. A trade would be very, very complicated. But if a contending team wants him, they can drain the organization’s hopes.

The chances of him being traded remain unlikely, but if guys like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo have left the club with which they built their legend, why not Crosby?

We’re talking here, but what do you think Kent Hughes would have to give the Penguins to lure the captain to Montreal, Sid The Kid ‘s childhood team?

Don’t tell me “the moon”… I know. And I also know that the Habs have no Stanley Cup aspirations between now and the end of Crosby’s contract.

In gusto

– Too bad for the Jackets.

– Slaf isn’t bad for a bust.

– What will Kent Hughes do with David Savard?

– Jack Hughes (no, not THE Jack Hughes) and Jack Gorton trained with Adam Nicholas.

– They have a chance.

– They might have a chance to make it far in the playoffs now.

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