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Lane Hutson: his brother Cole wants revenge for what happened at the 2022 draft

If we were to redo the 2022 draft with 18 months’ hindsight, Lane Hutson wouldn’t be a 62nd draft pick. He would definitely be drafted in the first round.

As we know, his measurements meant he waited longer than he should have before being drafted. Several teams didn’t want to take a chance on him.

But did you know that it bothers him to have been drafted so late? What’s more, did you know that it motivates his whole family?

Cole Caufield Hutson, Lane’s little brother, is a defenseman in much the same mold as his big brother. The left-handed defenseman is eligible for the next draft, and he’s hoping he won’t have to wait as long as his brother to get drafted.

From what he tells it, his whole family has taken it personally that Lane waited until the end of the second round to hear his name called in the 2022 draft. It serves as motivation for everyone.

That’s what TVA Sports’ Nicolas Cloutier tells us from his conversation with Cole Hutson.

I hope to avenge what happened to him. My goal is to be drafted in the first round. – Cole Hutson

I can’t say I thought the whole family felt that way. Being a parent of a second-round NHL prospect, it seems to me I wouldn’t take it personally and I’d try not to transfer that energy onto my kids. But I don’t.

One thing is certain, though: Cole Hutson doesn’t lack confidence in himself and his brother.

All the teams would like to have Lane now, after having shunned him. And I’m the player who most resembles him. – Cole Hutson

Since being drafted, Lane Hutson has never ceased to impress. The left-handed defenseman, who slipped in the draft because of his size, is getting points by the ton at university.

Sending him back to the NCAA for a second season(before presumably making the jump to the pros in a few months) has the effect of preparing him for the NHL.

And in light of Cole’s talk of family, I have a feeling his mental preparation must be important.

Why would that be? Because, while a player must have the motivation to guide him to the top, he must also make sure that he doesn’t play simply for revenge. Otherwise, he’ll get out of his game… especially in a market like Montreal.

The Hutsons know they’re small and that’s why they have to deal with situations like the draft. But they also know that in today’s NHL, there’s room for guys like them.

The Habs, coached by Martin St-Louis and whose top two forwards are not physical monsters, are a fine example. And just as well: Lane Hutson belongs to the Habs.

As Nicolas Cloutier also reported, the Habs have already had a little chat with Cole Hutson, who hopes to be drafted in the first round at the 2024 auction.

The Habs don’t need another (small) left-handed defenseman, but who knows…

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