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David Perron’s suspension: Allan Walsh calls George Parros a kangaroo
Last night, we learned that David Perron had been suspended for the first time in his life.

The Quebecer received a six-game suspension for his dangerous gesture. A double-miss like that is something the safety department has to punish.

And his agent isn’t happy.

Allan Walsh, known for his love of criticizing the NHL (and anything else, really), decided to take the opportunity to show just how ridiculous he thought his client’s suspension was.

That’s why, on Twitter, he took aim at George Parros.

According to the agent, the protection department has nothing to do with player safety. In his eyes, it’s more a public relations department than anything else.

George Parros, a “kangaroo” according to Walsh, didn’t even give Jacob Trouba a hearing for his baseball hit, but punished his client for six games afterwards.

He also notes that Artem Zub didn’t miss the game following Perron’s hit, to underline the fact that the suspension of the man who had never been suspended before is too big.

If you go to his X account, you’ll notice that there are many other examples – which he considers more dangerous than Perron’s hit – to prove his point.

And every time, he was talking about the Parros kangaroo.

He says he’s talked to people in the game who have criticized Parros’ inconsistent decision-making when it comes to handing out player suspensions.

Clearly, he’s got it in for them.


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