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Marc-Édouard Vlasic: often overlooked by the NHL’s worst team

You may have noticed that Marc-Édouard Vlasic is not having the season of his career. The Quebec defenseman has just one assist – obtained a few days ago – in 16 games this season, in his 18th season in San Jose.

He also has a differential of -10.

Of course, it’s easy to think that he’s playing for an ugly club. But at the salary he commands ($7M per year until 2026), he’s there to pull his club up.

And right now, he’s not doing that.

If you’re wondering why he’s only played 16 games, it’s because he’s being left out more and more often. He has been given nine yellow cards in his last 12 games.

Yesterday, it was for personal reasons. We don’t know why.

As journalist Stéphane Cadorette explains, the Quebecer is not having a good season with a team that is historically bad in California.

He’s not performing well, he’s not getting the playing time he used to and he’s probably not the most motivated of men. After all, he’s used to playing to win, in San Jose.

With a contract that’s not tradable, even with a 50% salary holdback, let’s just say that teams aren’t going to be lining up to get their hands on his services.

Especially since, as Elliotte Friedman said in the last few days, he doesn’t seem to be tempted.

I think one of the reasons he’s stuck on the bench is that the fire is out. – Elliotte Friedman

At 36, he’s still healthy. Unless they’re hiding something (remember, we don’t know why he sat out yesterday), he can’t really go on the long-term injured list.


Whether it’s blocked shots, one-on-one battles or several such statistics, Vlasic rips it up. And people may be sympathetic to his cause, but that doesn’t improve his play on the ice.

The next few months (or years?) won’t be easy in that respect.

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