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There’s only one possible scenario for the Nordiques’ return, says Richard Labbé

It’s a well-known fact: the Senators are looking for a place to build a new amphitheatre.

The project on LeBreton Flats is still a possibility, but it seems that the land is too small, according to Renaud Lavoie earlier this week.

The NCC (National Capital Commission), owner of the land under consideration on LeBreton Flats, has given Michael Andlauer a bit of leeway by allowing him to make a decision by September 2024, when the lease for the Senators’ future arena was due to be signed this fall…

Anyway. All this to say that the new amphitheatre project is not moving forward in Ottawa.

The goal is to build an arena downtown to make hockey more accessible for Ottawa and Gatineau residents… But it seems to be quite complicated.

This week, the expansion discussion is popular because it was the NHL’s annual governors’ meeting. And expansion also means Quebec City…

Gary Bettman announced yesterday that there are no plans in the works to expand the league at the moment, but he also confided that Quebec City is still showing interest in getting an NHL club.

This was one of the topics of discussion on the recent episode of the “Sortie de Zone” podcast hosted by Jérémie Rainville. Stéphane Waite, Simon-Olivier Lorange and Richard Labbé were his guests.

Speaking of the Quebec City situation, Labbé hit the nail on the head, saying that there’s only one scenario for the Nordiques’ return:

I’ve been told by people in the National Hockey League behind the scenes that there’s only one scenario for the Nordiques’ return, and that’s the Senators’ move. The only one. – Richard Labbé

I can’t wait to see the outcome of this case, because it’s pretty intriguing.

That said… I get the impression that it doesn’t bode too well for the Quebec City market, given that we know it won’t be through expansion and given that the market has been ignored in two consecutive moves.

Why should things be any different this time?

In brief

– Interested parties :

– John Klingberg will undergo surgery and miss the rest of the season.

– Still!

– Patrick Kane will play his first game with the Red Wings tomorrow night.

– He’s so deserving of his spot.

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