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All you need to know about the latest NHL governors’ meeting

Today was the second day of the NHL’s annual governors’ meeting.

Here, without further ado, is what caught the eye.

The neck protector issue continues to cause a stir

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) announced last week that players will be required to wear neck protectors during international competitions.

The idea is to protect players as much as possible, especially after the death of Adam Johnson.

Use of the equipment is not currently mandatory in the NHL, but that could change in the near future.

The league will work with the Players’ Association to develop a plan for the future.

This is good news for player safety.

Corey Perry and his future in the NHL

No one can predict what the future holds for Corey Perry just yet.

One thing’s for sure, though: a return to the NHL isn’t out of the question for the former CH player.

At least, that’s what Chris Johnston said a few days ago, and Bettman’s comments also point in that direction.

The commissioner says he’s comfortable with the results of the Chicago organization’s investigation, and doesn’t know if he’ll have to meet with the player to allow him to return to the NHL.

But Bettman has never ruled out the possibility of Perry returning to the NHL at some point.

The matter is still unclear.

Uncertainty and the Olympic Games

The next Winter Olympics will be held in Milan in 2026.

Gary Bettman has not confirmed the presence of NHL players at the event, but he did decide to comment on the situation…

And the league commissioner expressed concern about the construction of the amphitheatre that will be used for the on-ice competitions.

Work hasn’t even started yet… And 2026 is approaching much faster than we think.

It’s better to get things out of the way quickly, otherwise there’ll be even more worried people the longer it goes on:

When’s the next World Cup?

NHL players have wanted a World Cup for several years.

The last one was in 2016… And we remember how glorious the experience was for the NHL.

In Bettman’s words, the World Cup could make a comeback… But in 2028.

By then, in February 2025, the NHL would like to create an event bringing together the best national teams, as if to set the table for the 2026 Olympic Games.

It wouldn’t be any worse. No?

In closing, it’s worth remembering that the NHL will present the 2024 draft at the Vegas Sphere.

The event will be magical… And it’s worth mentioning that this will be the last draft with the current formula.

The NHL is in favor of decentralizing the draft: only the prospects move to one location, while the clubs stay at their headquarters.

It’s going to be different.

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